About Us

About us

Medy Jewelry is a fashion jewelry brand. The pursuit of freedom of self-expression is our main goal. We thrive to provide customers with products that reflect their personality, personal style and spirit. And we are dedicated to creating high quality but affordable fashion jewelry, vintage jewelry, for women of all ages.

About the founder

The brand was founded in 2008 by Lan, who has been active in the fashion jewelry industry for more than a decade, which is why she has the motivation to create this female-inspired brand. She believes that our ongoing creative new products, created by our designers and customers together encourage everyone to express themselves and make bold fashion statements at the same time! Nowadays we should all fall in love with our own personal talents and not afraid to express our ideas or opinions.

This is her dream and why she is so passionate about creating the Medy Jewelry. Because the pursuit of one's true self, passion and freedom of purpose are gifts and should be all be praised!

Our mission

Medy prides itself on offering high quality on trend style jewelry and wish to incorporate with our customers to create more beautiful things to express ourselves.

So, from now on, celebrate your ego, talent, and let your confidence exude true beauty! Love jewelry, love yourself, love your beauty, love Medy Jewelry!

Get involved

#We are looking for outspoken gals who have passion in fashion to work together across social media! Fashion bloggers can try our new styles in exchange for showing off their favorite looks on Instagram and YouTube.